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We Evict Tenants In Court 

Landlords cannot evict a tenant in Michigan without a court order.

(Only court bailiffs and not landlord in Michigan can remove a tenant rom your home if they do not leave after a court has ordered the repossession of your home )  

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Do You Need Representation in a Landlord Tenant Matter?

Landlords have the right to have the rent paid on time and if rent is unpaid, they may evict tenants in a proceeding called ‘Non Payment Of Rent Action".  Landlords must follow certain mandatory procedures:  In Michigan “self-help” eviction tactics are not permitted under the Michigan law.  Landlords have certain duties, too - they must maintain the rental homes so that they are fit for human habitability, i.e. proper water, plumbing, heating, structural soundness.

As a commercial landlord, you may be required to have an attorney's assistance. Under Michigan law, corporations (Inc, LLC ) are not allowed to represent themselves in courts.  Additionally, all commercial landlords can benefit greatly when an attorney is fully dedicated to protecting their interests. If you have any questions, please call our office today.
Commercial and Residential Landlord-Tenant Law in MI

We represent owners of co-ops, condos, apartment buildings, townhouses, brownstones and commercial properties, as well as residential and commercial tenants, in the full spectrum of landlord-tenant matters and disputes:

Eviction and nonpayment — If your tenant fails to pay rent, we serve your tenant with 7 days notice as required by Michigan Landlord - Tenant Laws. On behalf of landlords, we assist with the eviction of tenants who have not paid their rent or who have otherwise violated the terms of their leases, and we provide legal defense against rent abatement claims, injury claims and other legal actions by tenants.

30-Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy

A “30-day” notice may only be used to terminate a month to month tenancy.  It does not terminate an unexpired lease.

Commercial landlord-tenant issues — We represent owners and tenants in store, office, restaurants, medical, dental and retail lease disputes.

Nuisance, noise and pets — We protect the rights of landlords or tenants in resolving all types of noise, nuisance and pet disputes, in or out of court.

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Landlord Legal Representation

We can represent landlords or property managers throughout the entire range of issues that arise under landlord and tenant law in Detroit area, from drafting 7 days notice for non payment of renr or 30 days termination to file eviction complaint in court and litigate the entire case.

If you are a landlord and feel you need to start the eviction process for an unpaid rent or the cost of repairing damage to the property, you should consult with an attorney who will explain how to avoid headaches by taking these actions in full compliance with the law or the lease.

Once you contact our offices, we will immediately begin the eviction process. We will send the eviction notices the same day we receive your request.
Out-of-State Landlords or Property Owners

If you are an out-of-state landlord with property in Detroit, Michigan, we can represent you in court while you are out of state. Whether you are residential landlord or a commercial landlord whose tenant is not paying rent, we can represent you in court appearances to evict the tenant over the failure to pay or termination.

Our practice areas include:

Landlord and Eviction Law
Commercial Eviction
Residential Eviction

You can have peace of mind by having a highly skilled, local landlord attorney taking care of your eviction process for you.

If you have a tenant that breaks his/her lease, refuses to leave the property, or is causing other forms of complications, then it might be in your best interest to hire a landlord attorney who is aware of the landlord eviction rights in the Detroit area.

Attend Court Hearing For Eviction In Detroit

Once you are able to properly serve the tenant(s), the next court date will be the trial or a hearing unless the tenant sometime requests Request Adjournment of Hearing to the tenant to hire an attorney. However, if the tenant does not show up, the judge will issue a default judgment against him/her give them ten day to move or pay rent.  If the tenant does show up, the case may resulted either a consent judgment or hearing. 

Note: The 36th District Court is a very unique and special court that has its own policies and procedures. It is different from any other district court. Many lawyers are not familiar with the court's customs and procedures.
Eviction – Possession by Landlord

The landlord (or a representative) must be present at the eviction (Only Court Officer amd not landlords Can Do It ) . On the day of eviction, the tenant is removed from the residence. The locks can be changed at this time.
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