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What To Do If Your Insurance Company Denied Your Claim?

Illegal Insurance Company Fees and Unauthorized Charges

Many insurance companies generate substantial profits by charging customers add-on fees, denying valid claims, or improperly decreasing payments to customers with valid claims. Often, the fees and deductions are undisclosed and were never agreed to by the consumer.

If you have experienced bad faith insurance, you will need the help of a
qualified insurance bad faith lawyer. It is important that you find an
experienced insurance bad faith lawyer to handle your case.
LawyersandSettlements makes it easy for you to find the right bad faith
insurance attorney.

If you live in Michigan and are concerned that your insurance company has acted in bad faith with respect to your insurance claim or claims, contact our experienced Michigan bad faith insurance lawyers to discuss your rights.

Filing Lawsuit

Once the lawsuit is filed in Michigan, your insurance company will no longer speak with you until things are resolved. This may cause issues if you have multiple policies with the same insurance company because you will not be allowed to communicate with them about any other insurance-related matters.

A lawsuit is initiated by filing a Summons and Complaint with court. Then, the Defendant must be served by the Sheriff or process server for the notice of the lawsuit to be legal. The Complaint will outline the cause of actions and counts. The Defendant has 21-28 days from the date he is served to file an Answer with court, which will outline it defenses, if any, and respond to the allegations in the Complaint.
Advanta law will fight for you in your legal battle.We believe you deserve the finest representation and will guarantee satisfaction.
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Victims Of Bad Faith Insurance In Michigan
Wrongful Denial of Insurance Claims
When you purchase insurance policy and pay the premiums, you expect the
policy to cover any losses in the event of
an accident or other casualty. That’s the whole idea of insurance. However,
gatting an insurance company to pay the claim isn’t always easy. Insurance companies want to make profits, and they do that by
minimizing the amount of money they pay out in claims. Sometimes that means they’re aggressive in finding reasons to deny claims and sometimes the denials are wrongful.

However, merely because an insurer denies a claim or declines to pay an amount demanded by the claimant does not automatically result in a finding of bad faith.

A court will determine whether an insurer has acted in bad faith in handling claims under a totality of the circumstances standard.  As such, all of the circumstances involved in the denial of a claim should considered when determining whether bad faith exists.
We’re On Your Side

If you believe that your claim has been unfairly denied or that the insurancecompany has acted unreasonably in handling the claim, do not simply letit go. Pursue your claim and assert your rights! You can fight and win.

We help protect your rights during these complex cases. Our lawyers understand the process, and we are here to help you get your benefits when you need them most.

Insurance companies may act in bad faith by:

Failing to settle a claim in a reasonable amount of time

Failing to thoroughly investigate a claim

Failing to offer the full value of a claim

Failing to provide reasoning for denying a claim Recovering Damages

If you believe you have been wrongfully denied an insurance payment for a covered loss, you have a right to seek compensation for bad faith. That being said, the law imposes a statute of limitations, which varies from state to state, giving you a limited time in which to pursue your
claim. If you wish to review your options, talk to us . We are dedicated to aggressively defending your rights.  Call our law firm today at
(248) 281-6299.

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At Advanta Law, we always offer a free consultations.  You may speak to a professional lawyer at any time and ask questions about your case so that you have a proper understanding of the issues facing you.