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Stalking is an extremely serious accusation... but what if a criminal accusation came from a mistake or misunderstanding? What is stalking, anyway? What is stalking defense? And what are your legal rights? Call us today!

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What is Stalking?

Being accused of a Stalking is a serious matter. If you are being investigated for or have been charged with a Stalking an ex boyfriend/girlfiend/spouse or some other individual, you are now facing a felony criminal offense that can land you in state prison. Hiring a skilled defense attorney is probably the best thing you can do to insure that this unfortunate situation does not mushroom into a life-altering event. 
Stalking charges are commonly used in conjunction with criminal charges of domestic abuse, which can also lead to criminal accusation of violating a restraining order.

The following are commonly determined to be the acts of stalking and are good examples of what the law covers:

Following a person around on foot or in a vehicle;

Calling repeatedly or sending

messages of any kind;

Gathering information against their will;

Sending unwanted gifts repeatedly;

Driving by the person’s home; and
Causing harm to the person’s property

Phone calls, text messages or computer messages

When a person establishes a pattern of deliberate conduct that includes these or other similar acts, stalking charges may follow.

​If you are facing stalking charges, or if you have been contacted by the police, you need to get a lawyer on your side right away. Our legal team can help protect your rights even before charges have been filed, so it's never too early to talk to a lawyer.
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Facing a criminal charge is devastating
Choosing a criminal defense attorney is an important decision.  When you are accused of a crime or even being investigated, your rights and potentially your freedom are in jeopardy.  Simply being charged with a crime can carry devastating consequences for a long time.  If you are facing criminal prosecution, you need the advice and counsel of a criminal defense attorney with knowledge and experience who will move quickly to protect your rights, an attorney who fully understands criminal law and procedure and who has successfully defended the interests of others in similar circumstances. 
You are innocent until proven guilty
If you have been accused of a crime you are presumed to be innocent until the prosecutor has presented enough evidence to convince a judge or a jury that you have in fact committed the acts of which you have
been accused. As an attorney who has represented hundreds of clients in criminal cases, we know that a great many people are falsely accused of a crime. When you retain a defense attorney, look for someone who knows you are innocent unless proven guilty.
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